End Gable Box Eave Shed



The first thing to grab your attention about an End-Gable Box Eave is its clean attractive appearance and the perception that it was built on site to be permanent. At Lark, we have always been sensitive to the aesthetics of our buildings and the End-Gable makes us proud. This is the type of unit that would be welcome in virtually any environment from a nice residential neighborhood to an upscale industrial park.

Structurally, the End-Gable Box Eave is built the same as the End-Gable Lapsider. The only real difference is the attractive addition of a boxed overhang. Don’t be fooled into thinking this overhang is just trim parts, it is not. On all of our boxed eave models, the eave of the building is an extension of our main framing system and is just as strong and durable as any part of the overall structure.

You can rest assured that regardless of the model Lark Building you choose, you can count on quality and product value matched by none.
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End Gable Box Eave ShedEnd Gable Box Eave Shed
<>10x16 Box Eave


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